Get Phreaked =

Wink Shorts

The Wink Shorts are created to display the wearer’s emotion, a simple way to signal and stimulate another person’s interest and arousal. Historically male homosexual’s used coded hankies, placing a coloured handkerchief in their back pocket to show sexual preference. Today we use social media sites to indirectly poke, prod and wink at one another; a relationship has not begun or is not over until your digital status is updated. Both the clothing and our skin are the final frontier for computational data, power, biometric and biological inputs and outputs. The wink shorts are a snap shot of this future. We will use the surface of the human body to display our inner peacock, double tap the conductive fabric switch in one pocket and through a textile network a subtle light emerges from your shorts, via a facetted silicone pocket detail you indicate human morse-code, a wink messages back at you. Button up, double tap and enjoy.

Ezzidin Alwan

Ezzidin Alwan  |  | Photography Ezzidin Alwan


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