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Studio Nancy Tilbury

Studio Nancy Tilbury is a Fashion Laboratory based in London, UK. Our focus is digital and physical intimacy. We strategize, innovate and create fashioned technologies and hybridize science and couture. With backgrounds in fashion design, textile technology and computer science through trans-practice we interrogate future ways of wearing. Via material technologies, machines and tools we establish original means of manufacturing to regenerate methods for fashion creation, as well as question our personal relationship to the body in the 21st century.  Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1997 Nancy Tilbury has worked in the field of wearable technology, she was critical in the development of both strategic and commercial ‘wearable’ design for Philips Design in partnership with Levi’s, Nike and Orange.

Studio Nancy Tilbury’s innovation portfolio includes Digital Skins | Body Atmospheres a fashion futures film set in 2050 to explore the future human through body sculpting, body modification and boundriless textiles, this project was created in partnership with 125 Creative. The studio has an established relationship with Philips Design, Eindhoven where we have worked as part of their innovative Probes Collective under the direction of Clive Van Heerden; projects include Skin Dresses, Fractal Living Jewellery and more recently The Biological Age.  Our clients and research partners include Wayne McGregor’s R-Research Random Dance, EMI | Regal Recordings, The Wellcome Trust and Kingston University London where Studio Nancy Tilbury’s principle directs a newly established innovative MA Fashion programme.

Our most recent work Fashion Phreaking sees Studio Nancy Tilbury develop a unique methodology for side-grading denim. Giving fast fashion an extended lifecycle as integrated soft technologies reform streetwear. Through playful interactions we embed intimate technologies blending social media and fashion design.
Studio Nancy Tilbury works as a creative consultancy collaborating with our clients to develop pioneering media and materiality for leading and bespoke fashion, sportswear, streetwear, technology and science brands. Working both inline and tran-seasonally our unique knowledge brings smart fabrics expertise to market as well as creating critical brand positioning and communication for the fashioning of science and technologies.

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