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Dex Brooch and Memi Ring

The Dex Brooch and Memi Ring act as a communicative peacock.  Today we are never without our personal ‘smart’ hand held devices and non-connectivity does not exist in the vocabulary of the youth. Computing digits, speed and connectivity are vital components to our lives. Dex and Memi are designed for girls and women who carry around large purses and handbags filled with make up, laptops, notebooks, purse, magazines, i-books. We place our ever decreasing devices in the bottom of bags and can be seen wrestling with life’s regalia. When the phone is buzzing or the inbox pinging the ring subtly flashes assisting us in our daily communication. This concept was originally produced as part of Syuzi Pakhchyan’s book: ‘A DIY intro to Smart Clothing’ published in 2008. Studio Nancy Tilbury has Fashion Phreaked Syuzi’s Space Invaders Tote to produce Dex and Memi, evolving the fashioning of technology.

Ezzidin Alwan | | Photography Ezzidin Alwan


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